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About Us

We are a small family owned business that started out in north Austin in the mid 1970’s.  We’ve been around for a long time but one thing has always stayed the same:  our commitment to customer satisfaction.  Our extensive list of very happy customers is full of repeat and word of mouth customers.

We began as a specialty business pioneering school bus air conditioning.  Our business has transgressed through the years through three locations and diversified at the same time.  We evolved into an air conditioning specialty shop that worked on air conditioners in anything that moved.  Whether that was buses, cars, tractors or off road equipment.  Over time, that evolved into doing general automotive mechanic work.

Years ago more people started driving pickups.  Then twenty or so years ago more of those started being diesel trucks.  So the need arose to get into diesel mechanics.  We have always been gear heads and into racing and building “go-fast toys” so we naturally branched out into working on high performance cars and trucks also.  Now creating big power with diesel engines is fairly easy when you have the expertise that we do. Generally speaking by effecting performance upgrades to diesels goes hand in hand with better efficiency and fuel economy as well.

So we now have a diesel specialty group of technicians that can help you extract more power and economy from your diesel truck as well as just doing normal repairs on them.  We also have an in-house DynoJet chassis dyno and an in-house custom tuner capable of custom tuning of both gas and diesel engines.

We even have a field service division that started out as a specialty air conditioning service to work on units in off-road equipment.  That has also branched out over the years to a full off-road service department fully capable and outfitted to do anything from simple service work to advanced engine mechanics.  Our technicians can repair transmissions, final drives, hydraulics, perform preventive maintenance scheduled work, etc.

So as you might have guessed…if it moves using an internal combustion engine, we have experience and expertise on it! Contact AB&T Diesel Repair and Performance now…we can get the job done RIGHT!

Our business hours are Mon-Fri. 8am-5pm. Emergency Field Service is available 24/7.

AB&T Diesel Repair and Performance

710 S Interstate 35

Round Rock, TX 78681


(512) 388-1977

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