DynoJet 224xLC

AB&T Diesel Repair and Performance uses the DynoJet 224xLC for a variety of specialty diagnostic tasks. This highly versatile and unique piece of equipment is the latest development in chassis dynamometer technology.

The DynoJet 224xLC will perform load tests, which includes sweep, step and even loaded roll-on. The DynoJet can also test closed loop load by targeting engine RPM, percentage of load or speed. This is truly a state-of-the-art, highly versatile diagnostic tool.

Model 224xLC Quick Features

  • Measures up to 2000 + hp and 200mph
  • The Model 224xLC DynoJet can perform load tests that include step, sweep and loaded roll-on
  • Also available is closed loop load testing – by targeting your engine’s RPM,percentage of load or speed
  • A keyboard or simple click of a mouse can change the 224xlc DynoJet from being an eddy current dynamometer back into an inertia only dynamometer or vice versa

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